Arcadian Cafe Lahore: Food, Menu, Rates, Contact & Location

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There was a lot of hype in the city three years ago when Arcadian cafe opened up. Everybody had so positive reviews about it. I had to try it and I did. It was actually what I heard. They had a vast menu which was different and delicious. The first thing I tried from their menu was blue cheese steak. It was tasty and food presentation was also great. They serve you complimentary bread and butter which tastes amazing.

In the main course menu, I would recommend: polo chicken, rattle snack pasta, grilled morocco chicken, and Thai fiery hot from Asian menu. Their Thai fiery hot is for those who love spicy food. Arcadian has three branches in Lahore now. From the desert menu, their chocolate lava cake is the most famous in Lahore. You will crave for the Arcadian lava cake if you try it once. It’s an addiction.

From their beverages menu, you should try pina colada, mint margarita, lovers’ splat and peach iced-tea. Their main and first branch is located in Gulberg behind the city towers. The second branch opened up this year in Emporium Mall, Johar Town and the third one is in the Packages Mall.

There is one thing I would like to mention sadly. Arcadian cafe was great in service, food and ambiance, but after they have branched out, their main branch’s quality has lowered. But I am hopeful that they will take notice of it and bring about change. If you want to go to Arcadian Cafe then visit their Emporium or Packages Mall branch. It is great.

Arcadian Cafe Contact Number

You can Arcadian Cafe at: +92-321-9555400

Location of Arcadian Cafe

Arcadian Cafe has three stores in the city of Lahore. Below maps can guide you to each one:

Arcadian Cafe Gulberg

Arcadian Cafe Johar Town

Arcadian Cafe Packages Mall


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