Another Pedophile Case in the Heart of The City

Police captured on Saturday a teacher for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy in the hostel of a private cadet school in Lahore’s Garden Town zone.

The parents of the victimized child has filed a case against the school teacher, recognized as Azhar Iqbal, and the police captured the suspect.

While addressing media, the victim’s father Zaheer Ahmed stated: “I request to the Chief Justice of Pakistan to guarantee equity for my child. This issue isn’t just about my child yet every one of our kids.” He additionally commented that brutes, like the school teacher Azhar Iqbal should be charged and publicly hanged.

Then again, the mother of the child said that she wants the school’s principal and others to be punished. “I simply need justice for my innocent child,” she included.

This is not the first case such, rape cases are happening throughout the country and government should take a serious step on it. The rapists should be hanged publicly and punishments like these should be implemented on urgent bases. Additionally it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children about how to be safe and not to go alone anywhere so that, we could avoid these bad incidents as these incidents along with fear causing physiological problems among children.

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