English Learning Schools/Centers in Khushab

Khushab is one of the beautiful city that is on the western of province Punjab. Basically it is in khushab district. Khushab on the other hand means sweet water. It is also known as the headquarters for the tehsil khushab. This city is also located on the khushab nuclear complex. This area is very important for Pakistan army as it contains sensitive areas of Pakistani weapon place. The area code of this place is 0454 and the postal code is 41000. The population is 110868 as of 2009. Khushab itself is a Persian word and this city is near to the city of jehlum. Well in Pakistan it gained the importance due to nuclear complex made there, it is one of the heavy production plant in regard to artillery and arsenal. Moving further the people of this place is educated and rich in culture and they can work on this. They can learn English language and can progress further. Some of the schools for learning English language are:

  • The City School Junior Section, Joharabad, 12-A, Mohalla Civil Lines, Joharabad – (Khushab), 045-4720049
  • House No 4084 Mohallah Islampura Khushab, 0454-711250

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