English Learning Schools and Centers in Kharian and Their Contact Numbers

Kharian is one of the tehsils that is sub-division of the locale of Gujrat. This Tehsil is additionally situated in the locale of Punjab. A standout among other things is that it is dwelled between two renowned waterways. Known as the Chenab and Jhelum River. It is said that this place has numerous local individuals who are currently settled abroad and for the most part this place is lived by specialists. They have appropriate armed force base their and the cant territory of this place is likewise extremely settled. This cantonment was worked in the period of 1950’s which was exceedingly supported by USA. The cantonment in those days was made by the specialists who originated from US and was completely made up to guidelines of America. The cantonment has the number of inhabitants in above than 90,000 while the city itself holds only 30000. Well people can progress with their life if they go for learning English language and this will help them in future as well. Some for the schools available for English language are:

  1. FC boys School
    Address: Kharian, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 53 7627961
  2. City school
    Address: Kharian, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 53 7536425
  3. Dar-e-Salam High School
    Address: N5 Grand Trunk Rd, Kharian 50090, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 53 7610102

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