English Learning Schools/Centers in Kasur

Kasur city is central command of the area of Kasur. This locale lies in the edges of Lahore city and it is just 20 kilometers far from Lahore. So it is one of masses city in Pakistan and comes at twentieth position. It imparts its fringes to Lahore on west and norther side. It has a celebrated outskirt appended to India on the city of Ferozepur. That street goes all through Kasur and later into Lahore city too. All things considered the outskirt it imparts to India is known as Ganda Singh fringe. This place is well known more than one of the Sufi holy people known as Baba Bulleh Shah. The acclaimed Lord rama’s child name was Kusha and Lava which was changed to Kasur and lahore. Kasur in the midst of Indus valley human advancement was a horticultural land. Later on numerous tribes from ARYANS to Alexander resulted in these present circumstances city and attack it. To improve the standards of this area people can work on learning English language. Some of the English learning centers are:

  1. Moon star English Academy
    Address: Krishna Nagar Rd, Kasur, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 49 2764162
  2. American lyceum
    Address: Shahrah-e-Liaquat Ali, Kasur, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 323 4060080
  3. Rangers public school
    Address: Shahrah-e-Liaquat Ali, Minhas Colony, Kasur 55050, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 49 2761487

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