Top Restaurants to Visit in Jhelum and Their Location

Jhelum is a city located on the right bank of Jhelum River, in the district of Jhelum in the north of Punjab province of Pakistan. It is famous for being the place supplying a large number of soldiers to British army before the independence and later was a very important city for Pakistan Army which his why its famous as the land of martyrs and soldiers. The other famous thing about it is the Grand Trunk Road which passes through the city.

The word Jhelum is reportedly derived from the words Jal (pure water) and Ham (snow). The name thus refers to the waters of a river (flowing besides the city) which have their origins in the snow-capped Himalayas.

Like most of Punjabis, this city also holds food dearly. Some of the most notable eateries within the city include:


Near PTC, GT road.

Chicken cottage is one of the most beloved spots for youngsters and children to hang around with their families. The place is casual, with various renditions of classic chicken recipes, that excite and enthrall all those who get served.

Everyone Loves Their Chicken Zinger Burger


Located on the Grand Trunk Road, it is ideally located for Jhelum residents and passerby alike. Subway offers the usual sandwiches which are famous worldwide but very famous particularly because of the open kitchen and high cleanliness standards.

Subway is Renowned Around the World for Their Fresh Ingredients


Located on the busy GT road, it offers a variety of cuisines on its menu, but is a quieter place than most. Preferred more by adult parties, it doubles as a restaurant and a hotel and hence more preferred by those travelling on the GT road.

From Best Fries to Delicious Burgers, OPTP Has it All


Another international chain of food, OPTP is a favorite go to place for Jhelum restaurants and has over 62 reviews on google, a rare site for any restaurant in Jhelum. With assortment of choices ranging from French fries to burgers to fish and hot dogs, it has something for everyone. Located on the Jhelum river bridge on GT road, it is a hot spot for those wishes to have a beautiful view with their food, and that is why its one of the most popular places to hang out at.

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