Cooking & Baking Centers & Schools in Jhang and Their Contact Numbers

Jhang is one of the cities that also lies in the region of Punjab province. It is basically the headquarters of jhang district. The area is placed on the eastern side of the river Chenab. Last consensus held in 1998 showed that the city contains 293366. The population of this city is around 1970944 during present times. Moving further the male population that lies in the city is around 1474099 which is 52% of the population making women as 48% on the graph.

Talking about the population of females it is 1360445. The annual growth rate of the population is 2.17%. There are 434495 housing units that are placed in this city. Well moving to our topic that is cooking and baking we get to know that people like to eat good desi food here so in order for them to learn new schools are established that can guide them over proper way of cooking and baking.

List of Cooking & Baking Schools in Jhang

  1. Sabar restaurant and BBQ
    Address: Bhakkar Rd, Purani Chungi No 8, Jhang Saddar, Jhang, Punjab, Pakistan
    Contact Number: +92 301 6995538
  2. Kim’s Chinese restaurant
    Address: Yousaf Shah Rd, Jhang Sadar, Pakistan
    Contact Number: +92 304 5599750
  3. Pakiza Hotel and cooking classes
    Address: Chiniot-Jhang Rd, Mohalla Qazian, Chiniot, Punjab, Pakistan
    Contact Number: +92 300 7704822
  4. Albab cooking classes
    Address: Civil Lines S.S.P Road, Jhang Sadar, Pakistan
    Contact Number: +92 47 7625111
  5. Asia cooks
    Address: Jhang-Toba Tek Singh Rd, Toba Tek Singh, Punjab, Pakistan
    Contact Number: +92 300 6665849

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