Cooking & Baking Classes in Jaranwala and Their Contact Numbers

Jaranwala is one of the cities that is also one of the oldest cities that lies in the graph of Punjab province. This is basically a small town mostly on the village side and lies within the range of Faisalabad district. The altitude of this place is around 180 meters. On the maps it is located on the south eastern side of the Faisalabad city and it is 110 kilometers away from Lahore. This city also serves as the headquarters and it has many other sub-divisions as well to administer it carefully. The name of the city is originated from the tree, which in local language is called as Bohar an Oak tree. The name was jaranwala Bohar. The name is clearly made up of two words, jaran means roots and wala means the place. The bohar tree for which this city is famous for is something that is found there and it has some deep roots and also on surface to establish and flourish itself. The name of this city is made upon the oak tree. It stands on the chak no 240 GB which comes in the premises of jaranwala. Now moving further the cooking and baking classes has been developed in Jaranwala as well. They have established a network that can guide them over cooking and baking and people are really looking forward to that. Especially the women of this city has shown real turn out over this subject. As cooking and baking can be developed into a fine piece of profession. Some of the schools that people can go for learning cooking and baking are:

  • Cooking course

Address: 224-D people’s colony near khizra masjid, Faisalabad

Contact: +92 323 2931881

  • Cooking classes by Ambreen

Address: 134-B Gulistan Colony, Faisalabad.

Contact: +92 332 8679346

  • Serena Hotel
    Address: Club Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan.
    Contact: +92 41 2600428

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