Jalalpur Jattan

English Learning Schools/Centers in Jalalpur Jattan and Their Contact Numbers

Jalalpur jattan is one of the urban communities that lies in the region of Gujrat. That implies it is additionally situated on the Punjab region district. It is one of the city that is the focal point of jalalpur jattan tehsil. This tehsil is around 20 kilometers far from Kashmir. So this place is essential as Alexander the considerable was the person who set up this place when he crushed King Porus. Today the waterway Chenab drifts close-by this tehsil and individuals regularly have farming spot being produced there. There are a great deal of chances for ranchers and to procure benefits from it. Later the powers of Firuz Khilji remained at this place to battle the mongols and later named this place Jalalabad. This name was later changed to jalalpur jatan by some conspicuous extends. People here can work on their English language as big companies require candidates to be able to read and write in English. Some of the English learning centers here:

  1. The Cathedral School

    Address: Jalalpur – Gujrat Rd, Jalalpur Jattan, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 301 6260546

  2. Trust Model English Academy

    Address: Jalal Pur-Gujrat Rd, Jalal Pur Jattan, Punjab, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 53 3431199


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