Jalalpur Jattan

Driving Learning Schools/Centers in Jalalpur Jattan

Jalalpur jattan is one of the cities that lies in the district of Gujrat. That means it is also located on the Punjab province region. It is one of the city that is the center of Jalalpur jattan tehsil. This tehsil is about 20 kilometers away from Kashmir. With that said this place is very important as alexander the great was the one who established this place when he defeated King Porus. Today the river Chenab floats nearby this tehsil and people often have agricultural place being developed there. There are a lot of opportunities for farmers and to earn profits from it. Later the forces of Firuz Khilji stayed at this place to fight the mongols and later named this place Jalalabad. This name was later changed to jalalpur jatan by some prominent juts.  Though people here can learn driving to better understand the rules and regulations of traffic. Some of the driving schools are:

  1. Drive a car institute of driving
    Address: Hafizabad Rd, Jalalpur, Pakistan
    Contact: 0347-520255
  2. World driving school
    Address: Gujranwala Rd, Jalalpur, Pakistan
    Contact: 0331-5221420
  3. Cars and cars driving school
    Address: Near Chiniot road, Jalalpur, Pakistan.
    Contact: +92 347 524420
  4. Pak drive a car school
    Address: Near sial road.
    Contact: 0347-5221339

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