Best Restaurants in Gujrat and Their Contact Numbers

Gujrat is a city in Punjab Province of Pakistan. It is the capital of Gujrat District and the 18th largest city of Pakistan. Gujrat Tehsil subdivision in the Punjab Province. Famous for its furniture industry, it supplies furniture all around the country and also boosts Pakistan’s exports by exporting in the South Asian region. It is central Punjab and hence politically very active, especially in the election season, where the city sees a new kind of fervor and excitement running through it.  It’s known as the gateway to Kashmir. From here, you can access Mirpur and Mangla which are just at the cusp of Kashmir territory. People planning their trips to that side have to go through the city and observe its culture and historically rich environment.

As we go through various cities in Punjab, we notice this pattern of affiliating life with food. The Punjabis have great passion for good food, and Gujrat is no different. Some of the most visited restaurants in and around the city include:


Opposite to Chenab Hospital، Bhimbar Road، Gujrat 50700

(053) 3606699

Don’t Miss out on Their Chilli Garlic Chicken

Famous for its desi cuisine and its take on chicken in various delectable dishes, Flavors frequently comes up in the list of top favorite places to hang out at. It however has a bit of casual environment and mostly frequented by the relatively young, and hence most families tend to avoid going here on the usual. The seating is spacious and the restaurant has two floors to accommodate its ever growing customer base.


(053) 3602111

Desi Platter is Their Speciality

Silver spoon is another feather in the cap of local food scene in Gujrat. The eatery turns out great food often enough, keeping people coming back for more. Great place to hold family get together and parties. The food never disappoints, from the wide menu to the clean and delicious dishes themselves.


Grand Trunk Rd, Wazirabad

(053) 3589111

Their Malai Kebab Just Melts in the Mouth

Although a little on the outskirts of the city, this restaurant is located on the cusp of Chenab River, providing the most outstanding view one can have while having the best Barbecue available in the area. It is a great place to hangout with family every few weeks, providing a respite from the hum drum of the live city of Gujrat.


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