Gujar Khan

Driving Learning Schools/Centers in Gujar Khan

Gujar khan is one of the urban areas that is situated in the ranges of Rawalpindi region. It comes in the region of Punjab. It is one of the central station and is known as a tehsil. It is fundamentally 55 kilometers on the southern side of Islamabad. On the north western side from Lahore it is extremely close to the capital city of Paksitan. It has Jehlum, Gujrat on the southern side. On the outrageous eastern side it has Azad Kashmir. While on the west it is identified with Chakwal and khushab. It is additionally in the focal point of potohar district. This district has an exceptionally solid holding with the country as this land is otherwise called the zone of the saints. It has created such fine troopers and they are Shaheed from the way they battle. They have 2 individuals who were given nishan-e-haider. It has some fundamental region clinics and private and open therapeutic and instruction offices. Some of the people can develop themselves for driving skills to have profession or to learn driving to get easy licensing. These school which offer learning of driving are:

  1. Gujar khan Driving school
    Address: Gujar khan, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 345 6754391
  2. Driving and driver learning school
    Address: Masjid chowk, Gujar khan, Pakistan.
    Contact: +92 332 6567876

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