English Learning School/Centers in Gojra

Gojra town was made in 1896 when the colonization was done. It was colonized by Lyallpur back then. The new name of Lyallpur is Faisalabad. The town then kept on emerging further and grew to notified area committee in 1904. Then in 1925 it was made B-class Municipality. According to cencus of 1906 it had a population of 2589. It was one of the most rising district back then as Lyallpur was increasing in size and it went on to increase in terms of business as well. After the Rowlett act many things got worse and people went on to do rallies over the entire city. Well things got normal and finally it came into the area of Pakistan. Gojra has produced one of the finest hockey players and it has been a town where sports is enjoyed a lot. Some of the player’s names are Muhammad Qasim and Tahir Zaman. For now people can influence their life by learning English language. Some of the schools are:

  • City school
    Address: Railway Road, Lakar Mandi, Gojra
    Contact: (046) 3513489
  • Allied School
    Address: Kacha Gojra Chowk, Mission Rd, Gojra 36120
    Contact: (046) 3517390
  • DPS
    Address: Faisalabad Road, Gojra.
    Contact: (046) 3571618

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