Fateh Jang

English Learning Centers/Schools in Fateh Jang

Fateh jang is one of the tehsil that is also sub-divided in the district of Attock. It resides in the province of Punjab. It is also divided into 14 union councils. It is located near the town known as Fatehjang. It has an area of 866 miles. The population when checked in 1901 was around 114849. Back in 1891 it had a population of 113041. The region Attock has around 203 villages and along with that the headquarters is in fatehjang that has a population of 4825. The revenue generated from this area in 1903 was 1.9 lakhs. Tehsil is divided into three district parts. The land is very well made to crop and the soil is very fertile that could provide and enrich and sorts of crops. Well area can progress further once English is introduced and people can really work on English and work for betterment in their personal life. This will also raise standards for the people living here. Some of the schools for English are:

  1. Cambridge Academy for English Learning
    Address: Fateh Jang Town, Fateh Jang 43350, Pakistan
    Contact: 0302 5134635
  2. De western English learning school
    Address: Fatehjang Rd, Benazir Chowk, Tarnol, Islamabad, Pakistan.
    Contact: (051) 2217051

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