The Boulevard Mall Faisalabad

Recently a new gem has been added to the Faisalabad Real Estate on Canal Road, yes we are talking about the all new THE BOULEVARD MALL”. Although at the start the mall had most of the people confused on how many things will it be able to fit considering the relatively small area for a mall. But hats off to the management of the mall and their teams who have succeeded to put something for everyone in the mall, from the amazing B-First Gym to the Kids area to the launch of ‘One Potato Two Potato’ in Faisalabad to Faisalabad’s first Bowling Alley.

The Mall also attracts and appeals more to the people who are looking for a luxurious experience in the city. The building management is also very effective, the ambiance, temperature and cleanliness is amicable. This place is a must go if you are looking for a good luxurious experience and fun.

Here’s Our Review of The Boulevard Mall Faisalabad

Ambiance: 10/10
Facilities: 10/10
Parking: 6/10
Family Friendly: 8/10
Variety & Choices: 5/10 (Limited compared to places like Kohinoor)
Overall Rating: 8/10

Let us know how your experience went at the mall in the comments below.


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