Reality Behind The Killing Of Buss Hostess By Security Guard In Faisalabad

Many and many new Bus services are introduced now-a-days, they just follow a pity standard of having a dolled-up hostess and some boxes of crap, put screens on the back of seats, lower the fares, buy some humongous buses and think that they are doing enough. There are so many companies that it gets real tough to decide which one to choose. I don’t think that business man in Pakistan pay any heed to employee structure proper business plan or following any legalization of the employee rights or protection they just get stuff and put them on roads.

Recently news of a poor hostess of a new bus service “Al-Hilal” which offered routes from Islamabad/Rawalpindi to Faisalabad and vice versa was spread. The killed girl got in trouble because the security guard held her hand and harassed her because she would not befriend him. The girl screamed and abused the lad, people did get up and tried to stop him but did not do much. When stopped the guard threatened the girl by saying “Terminal pe puhancho dekhta hu thmain” and no one took it seriously. Everybody around was scorning the bus service Its all recorded in a video.

When the ride ended and that hostess was going to a room followed by a staircase at the bus terminal at Faisalabad, a person came grabbed her hand in the same way as the guard did in the bus they had a little argument and then she was shot. She trembled to death while nobody even cared to give her security when she stepped out of the bus on the first place. The video of the culprit killing her and running away is recorded on CCTV camera guess who could it be.

Why The Bus Hostess Was Ruthlessly Killed By Security Guard

I traveled on this Bus and the service was absolutely shit. The Bus stopped like at three stops, the driver was driving like he was the only one on the motorway he did not knew how to apply brakes and it was so disturbing all the time. It is such a shame that a girl harmless enough to give all her day and night to earn PKR 900 per trip only was killed just because she was protecting herself from a situation. I know the people would say things like “koi chakkar ho ga” or “larki kharab hogi” so let me shut you with saying that it was her life and she was the one deciding who to be friends with or with whom she want to talk or to whom she decides not to give a damn.

The government should really take some serious action in regulating the laws protecting and securing the hostesses especially because they are the most vulnerable. After all the hard work and time, they hear shaming from the society, they get trolled in the bus and now they even get killed. They need protection most of the girls are out there on the battlefield I would say not because they love travelling or hitting the road but because they wanted to make both ends meet. It is an irony that no one pays attention not the bus staff not the authorities on the pity situation this specific staff is in.


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