Driving Learning Schools/Centers in Depalpur

According to the 1998 this area was very less urbanized and it only 28% which was paved with roads. The city is based in the province of Punjab and it comes under the district of Okara. It is around 25 kilometers away from Okara city. Basically it cover the Bari Doab and also interchange with Beas River. During the era of 13th and the 14th century it was connected with many wars that took place in this region. In the earliest of days it was rule and established as one of the leading towns in the reign of slave dynasty when Tughlaq was ruling this place. Today city has 24 mosques and wells which fertile this land and restore peace at this region. The area is concentrated with muslims and after the partition this was given to Pakistan. There were bhattis and Punjabi who constantly fought with each other making it a volatile place. In this day and age here live mian, ramay, lasoon, joiya and chador. Though people can learn driving as an interest as well. They can go and work on their driving skills. Some of the driving learning areas are:

  1. Allied School
    Address: Depalpur – Pakpattan Rd, Depalpur
    Contact: (044) 4010162
  2. AR English Learning Center
    Address: Dipalpur, Pakistan.
    Contact: (044) 4541394

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