English Learning Centers and Their Contact Numbers in Daska

Daska is one of the town that was developed in the era of Mughal emperor Shah jahan. The original name of the place was Shah Jahanabad. The area of this town is basically owned by the family of das. That made it officially the place where DAS family lives. Making it Daska. Well some says that it comes from the place DAS KOH which means 10 miles away. Though it is a myth that revolves around. For now in present place it is one of the industrial states and it has Daska tehsil out of four tehsils in Sialkot. What we want is to encourage people where else they live to understand and communicate in English language. People should spend their time on learning it as it is in demand these days. People will progress with time after learning the language that is spoken and understood around the world. People of Daska need to encourage this so that they will be able to learn it more significantly. Some of the schools/centers for English learning are:

  • Virtual School of English learning
    Address: Near water tank, College Road, Daska، Daska, Sialkot 51010
    Contact: 0307 6400063


  • Allied School
    Address: near Barik Health Services, Daska
    Contact: (052) 6616s038

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