D G Khan

English Learning Schools/Centers in Dera Ghazi Khan (DG Khan)

Dera ghazi khan is one of the cities that also comes in the region of Punjab and it lies on the southern side of it. It is almost 96 kilometers from the great saint city of Multan. The total population of the city is 421308. The city also speaks dual language which is mixed with Seraiki and Balochi language. On the north side is dera ismail khan and dera fateh khan. These three places actually makes the whole region derajat. Dera ismail khan come sin KPK while dera ghazi khan and dera fateh khan is part of Punjab. On the western side of the place it comes the area of western Suleiman ranges. These mountain goes on to Afghanistan. Talking about the place it is really backward and people need to progress with time which is actually becoming really difficult. The poverty level prevails and results in the downfall of the city whole infrastructure. People here needs to realize the importance of living standards and we think that English can result in the betterment of this area. People need to progress towards the betterment of living and the local population should get aware about the English language for better communication. Some of the schools are:

  • Garrison Public School
    Address: Taunsa N70, Sarwar Wali, Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab
    Contact: (064) 2004821
  • DG school for English Learning
    Address: Taunsa Rd, Churatta, Dera Ghazi Khan, Punjab
    Contact: 0336 6788487

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