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Driving Learning Schools/Centers in Dera Ghazi Khan (DG Khan)

Dera Ghazi khan is one of the urban communities that likewise comes in the area of Punjab and it lies on the southern side of it. It is very nearly 96 kilometers from the immense holy person city of Multan. The aggregate populace of the city is 421308. The city additionally talks double dialect which is blended with Seraiki and Balochi dialect. On the north side is Dera ismail khan and dera fateh khan. These three places really makes the entire district Derajat. Dera ismail khan come sin KPK while dera ghazi khan and dera fateh khan is a piece of Punjab. On the western side of the place it comes the region of western Suleiman ranges. These mountain goes ahead to Afghanistan. Discussing the place it is truly in reverse and individuals need to advance with time which is really ending up truly troublesome. The neediness level wins and results in the ruin of the city entire framework. Individuals here requirements to understand the significance of expectations for everyday comforts and we believe that English can bring about the advancement of this territory. Individuals need to advance towards the improvement. People can also work on their traffic situation and learn more about driving rules and regulations. Some of the schools for driving are:

  1. Ghazi driving school
    Address: DG Khan-Muzaffargarh Rd, Chowk Karimdad Qureshi, Karimdad Qureshi, Punjab, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 66 2450010
  2. City driving school
    Address: Dera Ghāzi Khān, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 64 9260113

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