Driving Learning Schools/Centers in Chiniot

Chiniot is one of the cities that is located in the district of chiniot. Chiniot as a district lies in the southern region of the province of Punjab. It is located at the bank of river Chenab and it is well known for its furniture items. Its furniture items is established from very past due to excess raw material and great skill work of the people of chiniot. This area is very well made by palaces and mosques. It is located and linked through lahore-jhang road. And also faisalabad-sargodha road. It is spread over 10 kilometers square from all sodes. The headquarters of the ahmaddiya community and it is above 179 meters. It also has rabwah city within it. On the other side of the Chenab River this community flourished with their own believes. There is also located sufi Bu Ali shah qalandar. Well chiniot is a very nice place but it needs to work on its driving style. They need to know about traffic rules and regulations. In order to do that they can work on driving centers. Some of the centers are:

  1. City driving school
    Address: Mohalla Thatthi, Chiniot, Punjab, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 334 6377376
  2. Chenab Nagar learning
    Address: Sargodha Rd, Babul Abwab, Chenab Nagar, Punjab, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 332 6453210

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