Cooking/Baking Classes in Chiniot

Chiniot is one of the urban groups that is arranged in the region of chiniot. Chiniot as a district lies in the southern zone of the region of Punjab. It is arranged at the bank of stream Chenab and it is remarkable for its furniture things. Its furniture things is developed from particularly past on account of plenitude rough material and staggering capacity work of the overall public of chiniot. This domain is particularly well made by regal living arrangements and mosques. It is found and associated through lahore-jhang road. What’s more, besides faisalabad-sargodha road. It is spread more than 10 kilometers square from all sodes. The headquarters of the ahmaddiya gathering and it is more than 179 meters. It furthermore has rabwah city inside it. On the inverse side of the Chenab River this gathering succeeded with their own specific acknowledges. There is furthermore discovered sufi Bu Ali shah qalandar. Herer people can work on with the cooking profession and make livings for them. People are learning to cook from different institutions, and they are as follows:

  • Cotham institute of cooking
    Address: Chiniot-Jhang Rd, Mohalla Qazian, Chiniot, Punjab
    Contact: 0300 7704822
  • ITHM
    Address: Sargodha-Faisalabad Rd, Mohalla Rashidia, Chiniot, Punjab
    Contact: (047) 6334817

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