English Learning Schools/Centers in Chichawatni

Chichawatni is one of the cities that exists in the district of Sahiwal, this is one of the area that lies in the region of Punjab province. The place is 45 kilometers away from the capital of the district known as Sahiwal. The area is very established into administration of 3 main councils. There are about 34 rural councils established to make life easier. The city is well made within the administrative style and has three main councils that make life easier for the citizens. It has a good economic growth and possibilities of establishing as one of the leading producer of wheat. It is said to be 20 kilometers away from Harappa. It contain several villages combined together which are being converted to towns. Well people can progress further through learning of English language.  Some of the schools available for English language are:

  1. Allied School
    Address: Piyala Chowk Block -10, street – 4, Chichawatni, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 40 5484321
  2. The University School
    Address: Link Rehman City, Okawanala Road,, Chichawatni, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 40 5480995
  3. Divisional Public School
    Address: Chichawatni Bypass, Chichawatni, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 337 7553846

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