Driving Learning Centers in Chakwal and Their Contact Numbers

Chakwal is one of the city that is known as the headquarters for the district of Chakwal. It lies on the southern side of Punjab. The area is 90 kilo meters away from the capital of Pakistan Islamabad. Chakwal is said to be located on the region of Dhanni. Dhanni is basically in the Potohar region which is in the northern side of Pakistan. Chakwal got rich in culture and finance during the reign of British Raj. The non-Muslims of the area departed during the partition. Well this area is still in progress towards better settlements and living. They need to learn about the traffic rules and regulations. They have to work on it. In order to do that they can work on learning it from driving centers and these are:

  1. British Driving Center
    Address: Abdullah plaza main pindi by pass road near tandheel pahtik chakwal, 48800, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 321 5363371
  2. Chakwal Driving school
    Address: 163-B,Gulistan Colony No.1, Millat Road,Chakwal, Pakistan.
    Contact: +92 331 4523098

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