Cooking & Baking Learning Centers in Chakwal

Chakwal is one of the city that is known as the home office for the district of Chakwal. It lies on the southern side of Punjab. Chakwal got rich in culture and back in the midst of the British raj. Well this domain is still ahead of time towards better settlements and living. People living in this part of the country can progress with their life through expanding their profession in cooking as well. The cooking schools have also started to work in Chakwal and they are as follows:

  • Unique cooking center
    Address: Pindi Bypass, Thaneel Rd, Chakwal
    Contact: 0313 4981019
  • Emporium cuisines
    Address: Talagang Road, Chakwal
    Contact: 054-3420131
  • Rahat cooking and baking center
    Address: Chakwal-Jhelum Rd, Gulberg Town, Chakwal, Punjab
    Contact: 054-3451823

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