Best Restaurants in Chakwal

Chakwal is the most important city of Chakwal District, Punjab, Pakistan. It is its capital and is located 90 kilometers south-east of the federal capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Chakwal is located in the Dhanni region of the Potohar in northern Punjab, Pakistan. During the Mutiny of 1857 Chaudharials of Chakwal strengthened the hand of the British Raj by escorting the treasury from Chakwal to Rawalpindi and got the khilats and Jagirs.

Chakwal has great love of food. Although the people’s taste may not be as refined as those in Lahore and Islamabad, Chakwal adds a lot of color to the overall Punjabi food scene. The enthusiasm and association with food is palpable in the number of eateries that have sprouted up and around the city recently. Here’s a look at some of the most famous ones the city has to offer.


Located at Talagang road, this eatery is a fine dining restaurant. It has a great atmosphere for families to chat and have a great time. The food is top of the line good, and the customers keep coming back for seconds.


Located on the Chakwal-Jhelum road in Gulberg town, this restaurant offers a kid and family friendly environment. The food ranges from Chinese to desi cuisine and is delicious to say the least.


Nisar hotel holds a special place in people’s heart, for both have great love for good food, one just makes it while the other consumes it.  Great at BBQ and local dishes, the prices are economical and attract a wider variety of customers because of it. They also have great fried fish, famous throughout the city and has people begging for more.


Chakwal is famous for its Pehlwan Revri, which is considered a delicacy around the country and whenever somebody visits Chakwal, it becomes a must to visit and gorge on some delicious and one of a kind revri. It is a favorite gift item for Chakwal residents to those outside the city.

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