Driving Learning Centers in Bhera and Their Contact Numbers

Bhera is said to be the place of Qairas who used to have Bandial service of bus. Well talking about the city it is located at the mid-point between Islamabad and lahore. This bhera tehsil actually comes under the district of Sargodha. The population of this city is considered to be around 50,000. This city hasbt established more and it is just the way like old city of lahore. The city is situated on the right side of river jehlum. It was back in 1935 when it was completely desteroyed and people faced a lot of issues in building of it. Today it is built to a level that vehicles can easily be drove and people try to raise their standards of living. It is mainly dominated by Punjabis and mix of pathans as well. Bhera is considered to be older than Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro. It was then sher shah suri who build this land and established the first building there. Many beautiful mosques are built there. Today the traffic flow needs to be worked on and people need to get aware of their rules and regulations regarding traffic. In order to learn that some of the centres are opened there which are:

  1. Salt mine driving school
    Address: Bhera-Malakwal Rd, Bhera, Punjab, Pakistan
    contact: +92 48 6690319
  2. Traffic police driving school
    Address: Main G.T road, Bhera, Pakistan.
    Contact: + 92 48 6542761

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