English Learning Schools/Centers in Bhakkar

Bhakkar city is one of the base camp of Bhakkar locale. It lies in the area of Punjab Pakistan. On the left half of the city there goes the stream Indus and on the correct side it has various fields to chave abundance crops being cultivated. It is outstanding as the city of unadulterated sustenance which supplies Punjab with rice and wheat. The fundamental reason is the stream of Indus waterway which makes the dirt appropriate and prolific. Bhakkar really confronted war amid the contention of sher shah suri and humayun amid the period of Mughals. The senator now and again of Mughal was khan khannan and later it was known by the general population when an explorer made it a kingdom of Bhakkar in his book in 1641. Bhakkar still needs to enhance particularly in the regions of English realizing where they can without much of a stretch convey and connect with individuals with powerful dialect. They can visit English learning focuses which are:

  1. The Educators
    Address: East Canal Road Bhakkar, Bhakkar 30000, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 453 510833
  2. The Smart School
    Address: Darya Khan Rd, Bhakkar, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 453 515555
  3. Thinker’s Academy
    Address: Gulshan-e-Madina, Bhakkar., 01 Jhang Bhakkar Rd, Bhakkar 30000, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 453 220033

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