Driving Learning Schools/Centers in Bhakkar and Their Contact Numbers

Bhakkar city is one of the headquarters of bhakar district. It lies in the region of Punjab Pakistan. On the left side of the city there goes the river indus and on the right side it has numerous plains to chave excess crops being farmed. It is well known as the city of pure food which supplies Punjab with rice and wheat. The main reason is the flow of indus river which makes the soil suitable and fertile. Bhakkar actually faced war during the conflict of sher shah suri and humaym during the era of Mughals. The governor at times of Mughal was khan khannan and later it was known by the people when a traveler made it a kingdom of bhakkar in his book in 1641. Bhakkar still needs to improve especially in the flow of their driving. They need to understand traffic rules and work on it. Some of the driving learning centers are:

  1. RSTI & Driving school NH& Motorway police Bhakkar
    Address: Hyderabad Thall, Bhakkar, Punjab, Pakistan, Jhang Bhakkar Rd, Hyderabad Thall, Pakistan
    Contact: 03335251472
  2. City driving school
    Address: Behal Rd, GPO Chowk, Urdu Bazar, Bhakkar, Punjab, Pakistan
    Contact: 03315155365

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