Best Restaurants in Wah Cantt

Wah Cantonment (commonly referred to as Wah Cantt) is a military city located in the Punjab province of Pakistan, 30 km to the north west of Rawalpindi/Islamabad.

It is famous for ordinance factories, supplying military equipment to entire Pakistan, and even exported. It is famous for excellent schools in the vicinity, some top hospitals and medical college to its name.

It is a mirror of the beautiful capital of Islamabad, with wide roads and beautiful parks. It takes about half an hour to travel from Wah to Islamabad, and hence it is seen as almost living in the capital. Its close distance with the capital is why it is so dearly held by its inhabitants. It is at the border of Punjab and KPK province and a door to other beloved cities like Abbottabad and Peshawar.

Some famous eateries that Wah Cantt supports in its environment.

Green Lagoon:

Quaid Avenue, Wah

(051) 4923105

Famous as the the place to be whenever hunger pangs strike, or for a day out with family, this spot takes the top prize. With a BBQ platter to die for and yummy food at startlingly reasonable prices, this establishment welcomes customers in throes.

Yumlicious BBQ Platter

Wah Student Biryani:

Lalarukh, Minaar Road, Wah

0302 8546416

Wah Student Biryani is the top spot for biryani around town, especially for students and those looking to not render themselves penniless after a good meal. With aromatic, spicy biryani, the food will set your taste buds on fire, the good kind.

In Pakistan, No One Say No to Biryani

Ordanance Club:

Quaid Avenue, Wah

The eatery derives its name from the product that the city is famous for. This club has an official feel to it, and people wanting to have business dinners or occasion specific hang outs, come to this place. The restaurant has a wide menu, catering to many different tastes and a kid friendly place.

Don’t Forget to Try their Wide Range of Pastas

Paradise Complex Wah Cantt:

Peshawar-Rawalpindi Rd, Wah

(051) 4926116

Although this complex is widely used for weddings because of its prime location and easy access from 2 cities, its food has also greatly improved over the years. From continental to Desi Pakistani food and BBQ, this eatery has churned out a number of fans steadily over the years and shows now signs of slowing down.

Their Desserts are a Must Have

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