English Learning Schools/Centers in Bahawalnagar

Bahawalnagar is fundamentally the capital city of the area of Bahawalpur, it is situated on the south and eastern side of the Punjab territory. This is alaos considered as the central station of the bhawalpur area. The general population of this region ordinarily speak Seraiki dialect and its old name was rajanwali/ubbha. The name later was changed to Bahawalnagar by bahawal khan 5 of every 1904. Later the bhawalpur region aas bahwalnagar, Rahim yar khan and Bahawalpur. It is 192 miles far from Lahore city and it has 120 miles remove from bahawalur. Waterway Sutlej is additionally exceptionally close to this place. Inspite of the way that people can raise their English speaking by learning English and they can do this by going and learning at these institutions which are:

  1. P.S
    Address: Tehsil Bazaar Rd, Bahawalnagar, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 63 9240187
  2. British International School
    Address: DHQ BWN H main gate, Bahawalnagar 62300, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 63 2274049
  3. Spring tide English Academy
    Address: Spring Tide Road, Off Jalwala Road, Jalwala Rd, 62300, Pakistan
    Contact: +92 333 6301972

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