CSS Exam Preparation Academies in Bahawalnagar

Bahawalnagar is in a general sense the capital city of the locale of Bahawalpur, it is orchestrated on the south and eastern side of the Punjab area. This is additionally considered as the central station of the bhawalpur extend. The general open of this district usually speak Seraiki tongue and its old name was rajanwali/ubbha. The name later was changed to Bahawalnagar by bahawal khan 5 of each 1904. Later the bahawalpur region as bahwalnagar, Rahim yar khan and Bahawalpur. It is 192 miles far from lahore city and it has 120 miles remove from bahawalur. The River Sutlej is additionally extraordinarily close to this place. This place can win their benefits and fortune in the event that they truly strive for cooking as their calling. This is the new business that is creating in Pakistan. . The CSS preparation academy in Bahawalnagar is the academy serving Pakistan nationwide.

  • NOVA CSS Academy
    Address: House No 713 Urdu Rd, Bahawalnagar
    Contact: 0331 7111124

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