Driving Learning Centers/Schools in Attock

Attock is also one of the oldest cities in the history of sub-continent. It was known as campbellpur and was located on the border of Punjab province on the northern side. The reported population back in the 20th century was around 2866 people. Which grew to 69588 in the 1998 census. The recent area judgements says that this population will grow further and will reach 100,000.  It is located near indus river. It is almost 80 kms away from Rawalpindi and 100 kilometers away from Peshawar. It is around 6 kilometers away from kamra. Traffic situation in the city is not really welcoming as people are facing problem regarding learning of driving. Traffic police are pushing people to get license and get it defined and to learn driving. So in order to succeed we have opened centers so people can learn driving there. These schools are:

  1. Attock driving school
    Address: Kamra Rd, Attock, Pakistan
    Contact: 057-9765432
  2. Gondal Driving school
    Address: PS Attock Khurd, Peshawar Rd, Ghondal, Pakistan
    Contact: 057-9327654
  3. Attock khurd driving center
    Address: Grand Trunk Rd, Attock Khurd, Pakistan
    Contact: 057-9316026

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