CSS Exam Preparation Academies in Attock

Attock is additionally a champion among the most settled urban zones ever landmass. It was known as campbellpur and was orchestrated on the edge of Punjab area on the northern side. The revealed masses back in the twentieth century was around 2866 individuals. Which made to 69588 in the 1998 experiences. The present space judgements says that this individuals will end up being further and will move to 100,000. It is masterminded close indus conductor. It is perfect around 80 kms far from Rawalpindi and 100 kilometers far from Peshawar. It is around 6 kilometers far from kamra. Individuals here can advance on with their existence with cooking, they can make it as a calling which can help them in gaining living for themselves. The people of Attock are keen towards studies, the youth attracted towards CSS goes to the only academy that prepares students for CSS, that is:

  • CSS academy
    Address: Kamra Rd, Attock
    Contact: (057) 2703577


  1. A.O.A can any please guide me about KIPS academy css sessions and its fees and when a session of two or three months held in a year. please tell me about its fee structure. and complete info…

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