Cooking & Baking Classes in Attock

Attock is also a standout amongst the most settled urban zones ever landmass. It was known as campbellpur and was arranged on the edge of Punjab domain on the northern side. The uncovered masses back in the twentieth century was around 2866 people. Which created to 69588 in the 1998 insights. The present domain judgements says that this people will turn out to be further and will move to 100,000. It is arranged close indus conduit. It is ideal around 80 kms a long way from Rawalpindi and 100 kilometers a long way from Peshawar. It is around 6 kilometers a long way from kamra. People here can progress on with their life with cooking, they can make it as a profession which can help them in earning living for themselves. This kind of profession can be learned from academies that are opened in Attock. . The cooking classes at Attock are at following places:

  • Zamzama Restaurant
    Address: Main Attock City.
    Contact: 0322 4063851
  • Village shinwari Tikka Hut
    Address: Kamra Road, Attock.
    Contact: 057-2702230
  • Al-Faisal Mall
    Address: Pleader Ln, Attock
    Contact: 0345-5612644

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