Driving Learning School/Centers in Arifwala

Arifwala is one of the tehsils of the city of Pakpattan. It is also located in the region of province Punjab. It comes under the district of Pakpattan. In the 19th century the city of Arifwala was just a mere chak and was called as chak no 61/EB. Later this was called as Arifwala and it happened because of the sufi saint. The name of the Sufi saint was Arif baba and had now his mazar at the railway station of this place. It was then in 1908 that the deputy governor known as Hurbert named it as Arifwala. In 1995 it came under the district of pakpattan. Arifwala people are very nice and keen towards moving to better standards of living. In order to develop that people are moving towards learning the driving of vehicles. In order to do that they can visit driving center available. The driving center is at Burewala Rd, Arifwala, Pakistan and the only driving center available for the people.

Jinnah Driving School


Qaboola Road Arifwala


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