Ahmedpur East

CSS Exam Preparation Academies in Ahmedpur

Ahmedpur is essentially a tehsil that lies into the five tehsils of the range. Ahmedpur Ashrafia is its full name. This zone is uncommonly all around allocated and has been in the range of Bahawalpur. It is widely populated and has around 1 million individuals living in there. The range is rich is talking about tongue as individuals pass on in urdu, Punjabi, English and Seraiki there. In spite of the way that bits of knowledge of Hindi speaking individuals are also settled there yet the most prospered vernacular utilized there is Urdu. The name of this city begins from Ahmad khan who was the posterity of Ghappa khan and the fundamental cousin to Nawab Sadiq Muhammad khan the pioneer of Bahawalpur. The only CSS academy in Ahmedpur is:

  • CSS academy for youth
    Address: Ahmadpur Rd, Pakistan
    Contact: 0313 7806075



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