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Zia Ur Rehman is a politician. He is from Mardan and has become popular in his community. He works for the welfare and betterment of his community.

Age and Education of Zia Ur Rehman

Zia Ur Rehman was born in Mardan. He has spent his childhood in Mardan. He has acquired secondary education.

Family and Children

Zia Ur Rehman has a happy family life. He is happily married and he is a proud father of well raised children. His father’s name is Mr. Zia Ur Rehman, he has been well known in his own community. He has good morals and values which have helped him earn success in both personal and professional life.

Zia Ur Rehman Career in Politics

Zia Ur Rehman is serving in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly. His tenure started in 2013 and is ongoing to date. He is a respectable politician who has got the know-how of politics from its roots. He can understand the complexities of politics. He is part of the constituency of PS-54 Mansehra-II. He has worked a lot for the welfare and well being of this society. He is associated with the right wing of a well known democratic political party known as Pakistan Muslim League. This party is lead by Nawaz shareef who has been a success businessman and politician.

He has been elected for the general seat of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly. He is also serving in the standing committee No. 1. He is a member of the standing committee No. 32 and No. 12. Mr. Zia Ur Rehman belongs to a respectable and religious background. He has lived his early life in Mardan and has been nurtured there. He is an academically qualified person who has attained a minimum level in accordance with current trends. By profession he is a politician. He has been elected on the General Seat of KPK.

Contacting Zia Ur Rehman

Permanent Contact: Narrah Dheri, P.O. Balakot, Tehsil Balakot, and District Mansehra

Cell: 0321-5618288

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