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Mr. Zareen Gul is a quite prominent political figure in Pakistan. He is a religious person. he is serving in the KPK assembly and is a member of several committees. He is working hard for the development and improvement of his community.

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Age and Education of Mr. Zareen Gul

Mr. Zareen Gul is a Muslim and practices Islam. He is a well-educated person. He has acquired a degree of Bachelors of Arts. He is a politician professionally.

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Marriage and Children of Zareen

Mr. Zareen Gul is living a happy life with his family. He comes from a well-respected background. He is the son of Nazar Gul. His father is also a well-known person in his area. He is happily married and has raised well-cultured children

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Political Career of Zareen

Mr. Zareen Gul is a part of the well known political party known as Jamiat Ulema e Islam (F). He is a senior citizen. He is serving in the existing Assembly of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. His term spans from the year 2013 to date. He is a conscientious person. he is part of the constituency of PK-58 TorGhat. He was elected to the General seat in the Assembly. He is associated with the right wing of Jamiat Ulema e Islam. The party is led by the famous Fazal Ur Rehman.

Mr. Zareen Gul is also serving on several committees. He is an active member of the Standing Committee No. 19 on Food Department, Standing Committee No. 16 on irrigation and power department, standing committee No. 11 on Environment Department. he is dedicated to his work and commitments.

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Contacting Mr. Zareen Gul


Permanent Contact: Maira Mada Khail, P.O. New Darband, District Tor Ghar.

Off: 0340-0904755, 03465998992

Cell: 0345-9211007
Off: 0997580050

Res: 0997580001

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