Zardari Guranteed Support for PAT to Ensure Justice for Model Town Massacre Incident

The political circumstance in the country has taken a new turn after the Punjab government disclosed report of the incident on the direction of Lahore High Court (LHC) as PAT leader Dr Tahir-ul-Qadri has guided the laborers to be prepared for the protest. Co-executive of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Asif Ali Zardari has also communicated solidarity with Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) until the justice has been served for the victims of unfortunate incident of model town in 2014. In a telephonic conversation with Dr Tahir ul Qadri, Asif Zardari said that PPP is with PAT as the martyrs of the incident get justice at any cost. A meeting is expected on Thursday December 7th 2017, between Pat leader Dr Qadri & Asif Ali zardari. Asif Ali Zardari said Dr Qadri will devise a strategy plan regarding the protest against the responsible of the government officials of the Model town incident. Dr Qadri want CM Shahbaz Sharif & then Law Minister Rana Sannah Ullah to resign immediately & should be punished as per law & justice should be served to avoid any such incident in future.

Dr Qadri further ensured that Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) has effectively guaranteed to help & support the PAT protest in earning justice. Dr Qadri held a  question and answer session in provincial capital during which he taught laborers of the political party to stay alarm and plan to challenge the administration looking for justice for lives lost in deadly conflict in Model Town. PAT leader said that his party would get their hands on the ‘original report’ after court’s request are issued. He said that the dates specified in the commission report bring forth doubts. He guaranteed that the report has enough substance to hold Chief Minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif and Punjab law minister Rana Sannah Ullah in charge of the blameless lives. On the comments for the Justice Baqir Najafi report Dr Qadri hailed the report as an impartial & unbiased record of a judge over the incident. He appreciated Justice Ali Baqir Najafi for compiling an alleged unbiased report.

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