Zainab’s Murderer Handed Over Death Sentence

Imran Ali who is the main suspect in Zainab’s rape and murder in Kasur has been sentenced 4 death penalties with a fine of Rs 3.2 million. Anti-terrorist court (ATC) has awarded him capital punishment on four counts with additional 7 years of imprisonment for performing an unnatural act with a minor. He was arrested on January 23rd, 2018 after his DNA was matched with the one found on Zainab’s dead body.

According to the reports, Imran Ali Naqshbandi not only confessed his crime of rape & murder of a minor girl Zainab but he also confessed the rape and murder of other 7 girls in Kasur over the time of last 18 months. His DNA was matched with several other victims. He was a serial killer and has raped and killed 8 girls in total in the town of Kasur over the time of fewer than 2 years. The trail was conducted after recording the statements of 56 witnesses against him. Imran was held in Kot Lakh Pat jail for the whole time of his imprisonment.

Zainab’s Father Demand

Father of the little girl Zainab requested Chief Justice Of Pakistan (CJP) to hang him publically or stoned him to death as per Islamic laws. He said e is satisfied with the court decision and the judicial system of Pakistan but he wanted to set an example by punishing him in public so that no other minor girl get the victim of rape and murder.

His death sentence will be scheduled later and will be announced by Lahore High Court (LHC).


  1. Yeah, i also do agree with her father’s decision because if government will allow to kill a criminal by stone ,everyone will start doing this practice in future that will turn into a big disaster when people in rural areas will start killing peeps without any guilty because of their own’s hassles.

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