Zainab Murder Case: Time to Repent Before It is Too Late

Zainab Ansari was a 7 year old Pakistani girl who was on her way to Quran recital when she was abducted and later found raped and murdered by killer “IMRAN” which incited protests and outrage in Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan. But story just doesn’t end here. There have been many recent developments showing that there is a whole gang of Paedophiles, involved in this whole situation that had been paying the killer from foreign accounts for videos of child abuse.

Many of us have been spectators for cases like that, many prefer to sit in front of their T.V sets and watch the news about child abuse as it is normal. Is it really? Rape or Child Abuse cases are not just common in Pakistan but in the whole world and they happen on daily basis. Many go unnoticed and unheard. First, I am really sorry to Zainab’s father for their loss and to all those who have lost their young sons or daughters to these animals whether it was Imran or someone else, they have no place in any society in this world and anyone who backs them, should be prosecuted. We want all the families who have become the victims of men like these to know that we are here for them and we stand by you during this journey and never shall we leave their side.

It has been on the news on daily basis, we watch it and then start our normal lives. What we have forgotten is the nation of Prophet LUT or LOT (Peace be upon him), it has also been mentioned in Holy Bible besides The Quran. Such things had become normal and were accepted in his society. Desire of one man for another man was considered normal and the whole society had accepted it. Is not it happening today not just in our society but in the world as well? Their end was with the severe punishment by God. First, stones were sent upon them, they had screamed and burnt in pain yet there was no escape and then God turned their earth upside down and left them for generations to come to see it as a sign of His anger for those who accept wrong on large scale and either sit quiet, not do anything about it or accept it as normal and part of society.

Today we live in an Islamic country, where we sit and do nothing but watch it on T.V without a thought of Prophet Lut’s nation and how they had come to an end from their existence. We should not just wait for God’s another punishment but instead try to take this corruption out of this land. God sent severe punishment for Homosexual but Child abuse is worse than anything ever existed. Every time you watch the news about our daughter Zainab or any other girl or boy, don’t just sit there but repent and ask for mercy from God. And pray for guidance for others as well. It is not normal.

Even in world’s Underworld society or Gangs or Criminal world, 2 kind of people are considered worse and they are put on hit list by Mafia or other gangs. One of them is a guy who rapes and other who does act of child abuse. Even in underworld they have strict laws for these kind of worse criminals and look at us, while living in a free society where there is a law, yet we have not yet given them death penalty. As we live in Islamic Country, we should judge these rapists or paedophiles (Child Abusers) according to The Islamic Law or Sharia Law. Those laws were introduced so people will not try to commit such actions again and become a sign for others. It is time for us to get our acts rights, it is time for us to get this country on a right track, it is time for us to learn from previous nations before us and seek God’s forgiveness and ask for others mercy as well. It is time for us to wake up as Muslims and act like one as well.

We should not just wait for another punishment from God, spread the words and it is not a T.V show but a reality. We, as a nation can stop these people and bring them to justice. Report such crimes, prosecute them and let them be judged through Sharia. Encourage others to be aware of it and report any incident, DO NOT let it go and DO NOT be quiet because if it was Zainab, it may be our own blood next time. And Remember God knows everything so seek his forgiveness each time you sit in front of T.V. If people of Underworld can have severe penalties for criminals like this then why are we sitting so quiet? I hope it is not too late for us, and I hope God will forgive our sins (Amen). Don’t wait for his unannounced punishment, we still have time to change our ways and values.

May God be With You All and Protect Us from Harm (Amen)


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