You No Longer Have To Open Your Mouth For Effect On Snapchat..

The boredom hits most and harder at events. Sitting straight, politely replying to mediocre questions while screaming internally. During this time most of us has developed a habit of clicking pictures because Aloha, we be looking good anyway and all way.

*internally screaming, externally fabulous*

At some point an individual is caught by an adult while making weird faces for snaps and snapchat “open your mouth” lens did not do good either. It doesn’t matter if you care or not but y’all got those eyes and judgements on you! Snapchat has a way out though.

After the features like of World snap stories, addition bitmoji cartoon, selfie games, Snapchat has now introduced new lenses that animates face on voice command. The speech recognition effects has been made available from 1st august and five or six more filter will be added in the upcoming week, says snapchat administration.The effects will be triggered when user speak specific English words such as Hi, yes, no, love and wow.

For example:

  • saying ‘Hi’ is associated with effect of ‘a flock of chatty birds’.
  • saying ‘love’ will play cheesy jazz music.
  • ‘yes’ is associated with a ‘zoom effect’.
  • ‘no’ will put you in a tunnel of infinite photo.
  • ‘wow’ will put a bow on head and surround you with the word.

The new feature can mesmerize you for hours without working those eyebrows hard or tiring your mouth. It is most probably a matter of time when Instagram will introduce ‘new features’ as well.

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