You fail at social media, if you can’t decode these

We all know how crazy quizzes and trends pop up in social media all the time! Some pictures are so funny and confusing, that you can’t help but wonder what they’re about. We compiled a list for some of the trickiest ones! Have fun solving them out and sharing them with your friends.
Answer: Jadu Hai Nasha Hai

Answer: Hum par ye kisne Hara Rang Dalla Answer: Chor aliya hai tmne jo dil ko Answer: O Lagdi Lahore D aa

Answer: Chor ki Darhi Main Tinka 
Answer: Piece Bara Tight Hai
Answer: Halo Fraandz Chai Pee loAnswer: Mera Dil Tarrap Raha Hai Mera Jal Raha Hai Cena


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