You Can Now Study In These Countries ‘Top Universities’ For Free!

Imagine if you could study in your dream university, now imagine if you could do it for free! Many universities around Europe give you a chance to study without any tuition fees whatsoever, yes literally not a penny spent on tuition! As long as you can support yourself financially on daily basis of course, that include food, clothes, transport etc.

Most of the times even transport within the city limits is free. Needless to say they do not charge any tuition fee whatsoever, therefore it’s practically like you are living and studying in a top-notch university for free. The 8 lac or so, per year, that you need as living expense is easily covered by part-time jobs and that is legitimately all you’re gonna need as compared to the crores you pay for studying in UK or USA.

Here’s a List of countries that offer free university education to international students, including Pakistan, but make sure your home university is recognized by HEC to be considered further for postgraduate studies, which you can check here : HEC Recognized Universities


Most public universities in Germany are completely free of cost as of 2018, and you can check out the international programs offered at this website : German Academic Exchange Service

If you are able to secure a place in any German university, it’s a 100 percent guarantee you will be studying at one of the top quality Universities in the World, getting the best of Higher Education at no cost. However you might have to pay a tiny, nominal university administration fee of €150-250 as well as your living expense.


Fisherman's Cabins, Hamnøy, Lofoten Islands, Norway

Best option is to go for Master or PhD level courses as the undergraduate ones probably require you to speak Norwegian. If you like a quite icy paradise, then Norway is the place for you, while also adding a valuable milestone to your resume!


stockholm, sweden

Sweden is one of the most friendly and welcoming countries around the World. And they charge no tuition fee at any level, in fact at PhD level you actually get a monthly salary!

Also other similar Scandinavian countries such as Austria, Finland, Czech Republic follow suit.


You heard that right! Although most universities are not free but there are a few that do waiver your fee. The ones that charge tuition are relatively extremely low so it is still a better option than US or UK.

You can check minimum tuition fee offers for any country here, by adjusting the filter for tuition fee : Master Portal


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