You CAN Change It, Stop Feeling Bad About Your Past

Do we have the capacity to change the past?

At first, this sounds like a contradiction, a total paradoxical idea. I mean, how could you change something that has already happened? But, think about it. Why does the past matter at all? What do we get to keep from something that already happened?

We get to keep the memory! Either the bliss or the trauma.

It’s really the memory that we’re talking about here. The story that runs on a loop in the back of our minds of what has happened and somehow the fact that what has happened has shaped us and will shape our future. We feel in a way haunted or condemned in a certain way because of what has happened to us.

We are the sum of our experiences

We are the sum of our experiences that and our cells are a technology that turns experience into biology. Everything that happens to us, lays itself like tire tracks, tattooing itself across our body, mind and literally making us the product of what has come before and yet, here’s something amazing, our cognitive framing, our interpretation, our use of rhetoric and language to frame our past experiences, can actually allow us to change our very past experience.

The story we tell, the story we choose to tell about what has happened can change what has happened.

Read that phrase again & again & again, because, there’re actual studies that tell us that the cognitive framing, that we give to experiences, can change our physiological response to those very experiences. An experience of trauma seen through a certain lens can physiologically create stress response, cortical, stress, hormones, anxiety; all these things. People, who do psychedelic hypnotherapy and revisit the trauma through this altered state of consciousness, are all of a sudden, able to change that story. Change their chemical response to that past experience, re-contextualize it and see it through a different lens and fundamentally, change the past.

psychedelic hypnotherapy

Experiences that are transformative in nature, that allow us to change the cognitive framing of who we are and where we’re going in this life and where we’ve been, our experiences that re-contextualize the self as a marvelous conduit in a timeless hole from which, molecules and meanings flow from neurons to nebula and back again; And in re-contextualizing who we are and what we’re doing and everything that happens to us, even when it hurts and even when we fall off the bicycle or we literally get caught up into something serious.

The fact of the matter is, that story has now rendered me a stronger being. It is something that has happened and that I have overcome. I have not choked on my introversion. I have, in fact, reworked the experience and out put it in a work of art. I am more than what I was because of what has happened to me and this decision to lend that cognitive framing, to lend that interpretation to a traumatic experience of the past, has allowed me to change the past and therefore, to change my future and decide my fate.

 I design therefore I become

Again, a beautiful idea my friends! We are empowered, we are in ruptured, we are beings that move through time and space and time and mind and future and past and present, these are basically just elements of a continuous field of time. They don’t exist, they are illusions and you can choose the story you tell my friends!

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