Yes, You Can Burn Your Body Fat While Sleeping!

Is it possible to burn fat while you are sleeping?

Yes, it’s definitely possible and I’m going to give you a couple of tips that can increase the amount of fat that you burn while you are sleeping.

However, I don’t want you to think that sleeping is going to become your only fat-burning solution because, sleeping alone will definitely  could not be a major contributor to the fat loss process.

Tips that I can provide you, will help increasing the quality of your sleep and in turn, will help increasing the amount of fat burning while you are asleep. Don’t think that you’re always going to burn way more fat when you’re asleep. When you’re awake, your body has to work harder just to stay awake. So, you’re always going to be burning more calories when you’re awake versus when you’re asleep.

Even if you’re just sitting twiddling your thumbs, you’re going to be burning more calories than when you’re taking adequate sleep throughout the week. As you’ll be sleeping over 50 hours a week, count towards the fat loss that you’ll be doing.

1. Get At Least 6 Hours of Night Sleep Daily

Get At Least 6 Hours of Night Sleep Daily

The first thing you can do to ensure that you’re burning the maximum amount of calories while you’re sleeping is get enough sleep. To begin with, the most common recommendation is try to get eight hours of sleep. However, a lot of people have a tough time routine for taking that much sleep because of work and other responsibilities. So you’re not able to get the full eight hours of sleep. Some would recommend that you need even more like 9 hours of sleep but at a very minimum, I recommend that you get at least 6 hours of night sleep. Your goal is to shoot for the eight hours of sleep but when you can’t you got to get at least 6 hours.

There have been weight loss studies done where they’ve separated two groups of people and one group of people got their sleep whereas, the other group did not get their sleep. What they found was that both groups lost the same amount of weight. However, the group that didn’t get the sleep ended up losing a bunch of muscles. That means the group that did get its sleep, ended up losing a lot more fat. This could be due to a number of different factors including the optimal hormone production.

2. Eight  Hours of Sleep a Day Will Ensure Better Workout 

Eight  Hours of Sleep a Day Will Ensure Better Workout 

Enough sleep is also better than more intense workouts. Having a good night’s sleep leads to a better muscle recovery that, in turn, leads to increased muscle mass. When you don’t get enough sleep, you could even lose muscle mass. Your hormones are going to be all messed up, especially, if you’re not getting enough sleep again and again and again; your leptin levels will go down and your ground levels will go up, which is going to make you hungrier throughout the day. Obviously that’s not going to help you lose any body fat. The last thing that’s going to happen, if you don’t get enough sleep is your performance in the gym will obviously suffer much. So just make sure you’re trying your absolute best to get an average of eight hours of sleep per day.

3. Get High Protein Meal Before Going to Bed

Get High Protein Meal Before Going to Bed

The next thing you could do to burn more fat while you sleep is to have a high protein healthy meal right before going to bed. A lot of people get hungry right before that. Better to ignore that! Because, it’s easier to satisfy that hunger with a high protein meal or a protein shake, with a slow digesting protein such as casein. This will not only take the edge off of your hunger but it’ll also help you build more muscles while you sleep and boost your metabolism during the digestion process. The healthy fats will further slow the digestion of that meal, increasing the length of time that you’re at an increased level of burning calories.

4. Don’t Take Carbs Before Sleeping

Don't Take Carbs Before Sleeping

While you’re sleeping, you can do this with fat and protein, but just make sure you’re not having carbohydrates right before bed because carbohydrates are your body’s preferred source of energy. So it’s going to use those carbohydrates and might even store those carbohydrates if you’re having them right before bed. Rather than using stored body fat, when trying to lose body fat, I recommend that you cut out all carbohydrates, five to six hours before going to bed. Eliminate all carbohydrates except for green vegetables. This way, your body will be a lot more inclined to choose from fat stores for energy while you’re sleeping.

5. Sleep in Total Darkness & Cooler Environment

The last two tips that I can give you is sleep in total darkness and sleep in a cooler environment. Sleeping in total darkness has been shown to release a hormone called melanin that can help increase the production of calorie burning fat and as far as sleeping in colder temperature; it’s been shown in multiple studies that just by turning your thermostat down to 66 degrees, you could burn significantly more fat while you’re sleeping.

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