Yes, Pakistan Has Also Got Some Good Stationary Stores

Bingo! If you are a stationery lover and are not able to find some good online stationery stores. We know your pain and have found you some best online shops where you can satisfy your wishes and decorate your office or home table. Here are a few stores:

The Bling Spot Studio

If you are looking for cute stationery items, like metallic book marks and sticky notes that take your breath away with cuteness. This store is perfect. Me myself, I just waste my time happily scrolling through their items. They send their packages with beautiful cards which you are requested to put as your Instagram story.

It is the best and economical stationery shop, that offers you with its amazing products that you can even custom design. They have such beautiful notebooks that you won’t resist spending your money on them.

Islamabad Stationery

Now this is a wide range stationery shop, based in Islamabad. Would get you common things in real economic price.

Stationery X

If you are an architecture student or you belong to any department of DIY, this store can get you that detailed stuff which you look for in the stacks of your nearest mart. Requesting that immune to art shopkeeper, who doesn’t even have a clue what is a Popsicle stick, is tiresome. So, do all your shopping here.

This store has fancy, because it has got all the branded goods from MONT BLANC, Staedtler, Oxford Materials and MOLESKENE. If you are looking for a perfect gift for a stationery lover and this store has your back.

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