Yes I’m Anti-Social; Do You Have A Problem?

The phrase “I am an anti-social person” is common among youngster in order to explain their personality traits. Literally every other person despises going out, a bit unlikely but better than using the term “anti-social” wrong. The term Anti-social personality refers to the behavior that lack the consideration of others well-being and fair play, is self-centered and lack empathy. Minding your own business, being selective about company and standing in between lines of selflessness and selfishness does not include in the criteria of anti social personality.

*yells* selective company absolutely does not mean being anti-social, thank-you!!

So, unless and until you deliberately harm people for personal gain and lack guilt afterwards then you should stop referring to yourself as anti-social person because it is definitely not a cool personality trait. The characteristics of an anti-social behavior should not be taken as lightly deviant. According to DSM-5 there exist an anti social personality disorder that is characterized by traits of lack of sympathy and empathy, self-centered, use of people without guilt, no concern about other’s rights, hard time conforming to the law, social and moral values. People with such personality disorder are more likely to indulge in fraud or exploitation. This also include people known as psychopath and sociopath. One difference to remember between both is, a psychopath is not prone to crimes, with calm behavior most of them can lead a normal and married life even though they lack basic emotions but a sociopath is impulsive, risk taker and can not lead normal inter-personal relations and are more likely to be a criminal (such as character ‘joker’ of movie batman)

Now, with what terms you can define your personality with one go?


call yourself an introvert if you are quiet, reserved, and introspective and extremely selective about company (it barely includes 5-6 people)

note: introvert people dont always experience extreme anxiety. Most of them are pretty confidence when the job needs to be done!!


call yourself an extrovert if you are energized around people, likes chatting and socializing, is flexible dealing with all sort of people with friendly behavior.

We also call extroverts ‘party people’


call yourself Ambivert, a person who is social but enjoys ‘me time’equally. Is selective and social at the same time.

yep, Ambivert

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