Yes I’m A Millennial And I’m Mostly Misunderstood

How do you make things better when you know that there is no one out there who’s going to help you out of this mess they call life. Listening to these sad songs and reading all this poetry doesn’t always make things okay. Let’s face it. It never does. What makes things okay is some action. Some acceptance. Some patience. Some belief. Some dignity. Some wisdom….. But what do you do when you want to let go of the things you should hold on to? What do you do when you want to hold on to the things you should let go?

Yes I'm A Millennial And m Mostly Misunderstood

Were things supposed be this difficult? Was life supposed to be this hard? At times all we want is to be left alone. What do you do when you have your dream right in front of you just waiting for you to work for it to make it yours for real? What do you do when you cannot make yourself get out of the bed? What do you do when you lose all of the motivation and the driving force becomes zero?

Yes I'm A Millennial I'm Mostly Misunderstood

What do you do when you know what you need to do to get out of the mess but can’t find the motivation to do it? How do you start over? How do you forgive yourself? What do you do when the mirror confronts you about your old self? And you don’t really like confrontations, do you? We don’t try because we’re scared. Right? What if we fail? What if it doesn’t go as planned? What if it’s not worth it? And it’s scary, to try when you know there’s a huge chance that you might fail.

Yes I'm A Millennial And Mostly Misunderstood

We. The Millennials are a generation of broken souls. Half of the people I know are getting married to the people they don’t love. Half of the people I know are studying in fields that make their parents happy. Sitting at a 24 chair dining table their parents can boast about the college program their child is enrolled in while the child is fighting hard to even get up.

Learn to take some days off. Do what you love. Read what makes your heart happy. Go out and watch movies all by yourself. Treat yourself to that big mug of coffee and that delicious fudge cake. write for yourself, read for yourself.

Know that whatever you want is a dream away. Nothing good goes unrewarded and that you’re worth every good thing in this world.

So what if you’re failing right now? So what if you can’t find the motivation to do all that you want to do? Take baby steps. You don’t have do it all in one go. Give yourself second third fourth chances. Love yourself first.
Your health matters. YOUR MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS. I hope you know that it’s okay to ask for help.

Yes I'm A Millennial

You don’t have to remain friends with people who belittle you. You don’t have to remain in contact with people who bring negativity in your life. This is your life and you’re responsible for the shape your heart is in.
and know that you don’t have to give explanations for how you choose to save yourself.

Strive to excel.

Show up early. Stay late. Bust your asses.

Smile at the children you see anywhere and everywhere. When they grow old they might still remember you as the person who smiled at them on the road.

If you love someone. GO AND TELL THEM. Love them with all you might. Love them with all you have.

Sometimes, fail on purpose. Give yourself chances. Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself. Forgive yourself. Set your goals. Realistic and unrealistic. There is NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING that you can’t do. Write your goals down.

Yes I'm A Millennial

Never think that you’re worthless. Because you are NOT WORTHLESS AT ALL. Right now, there is not a single extra person in this world. All of us are needed. That is why we are here.

In your life, try to save someone. Save them from their demons. Save them from the negativity they live in. love them. Save them. And it’s PERFECTLY OKAY if that person is you.

Let us make sure that not one of us will have a single regret when we die.

Let us work for it. Let us make ourselves worth this beautiful life. Let us work to make ourselves better than our older selves so that when the times comes, we leave this beautiful world willingly.

Take your time to be okay. Remember that it’s okay to accept some help every now and then.





And remember.

Maybe not immediately, but definitely, YOU WILL WIN. You’re beautiful. You are worth every good thing in this world. You are worth every effort. Chase your dreams please and remember,

Every good thing takes time.


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